Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing


ideo conferencing is one of Dahua’s newest product lineups. It focuses on the design, development, and independent research into audio and video conferencing systems.

These systems include a full range of video conferencing products such as video conferencing hard endpoints, soft endpoints, omni-directional microphones, multi-point conferencing control units, and conference management systems. These products offer various video conferencing solutions for use across a wide range of areas, such as general industry, public security, distance education, and telemedicine.

Video Conferencing


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  • Distance Education

    Distance Education

    No longer limited to traditional classrooms, this rich and interactive solution helps teachers and students share ideas and receive feedback immediately.

  • Telemedicine


    This professional telemedicine solution provides face to face communication for personal doctor-patient consultation. The level of care you provide is no longer limited by geography.

  • Public Security

    Public Security

    This solution integrates with video surveillance platforms and third-party systems to achieve coordinated responses, guaranteed communications, and remote command.

  • General Industry

    General Industry

    1080p at 60fps HD video provided by this solution ensures clear and convenient communication with your global employee and partner network.