Key Technology

Smart Application

Whether you are at home, at work or on the go, you are always in control of your restaurant security situation with our free mobile APP (both IOS and Android). Anytime, anywhere.

POS Integration

POS integration in NVR, clear transaction bill overlay with surveillance.


Use Dahua Airfly protocol and the sub-g(<1GHz) band wireless sensor design, featuring perfect wall penetration, low power consumption and low rate of false alarm, suits majority of the applications in complex environments. Cost of wiring and maintenance can been greatly reduced.

Intelligent Analysis

Camera embedded people counting function to count the traffic flow and better assistance of the restaurant operation to grow the business.

When the alarm event occurs with the video linkage function, it will push video message to your smart phone and have alarm recorded in the NVR.


Availability of PoE in NVR and IPC reduces the installation and maintenance cost of power wiring.

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