Smart Substation Surveillance and Management
Our lives are so dependent on electricity that even an hour-long power outage could cause serious problems in some industries and many aspects of our lives. Substations are a key part of the electricity infrastructure, and their protection is of utmost importance. Perimeter protection, thermal measurement, access control, video surveillance, and auto-tracking systems keep substations safe, ensuring the stable flow of electricity.
Solution Overview


  • The switchyard includes a series of electrical equipment. Thermal temperature analysis and video provide real-time monitoring.


  • Perimeter protection is the first and most important defense for a substation.


  • Transformers make up the heart of a substation.Thermal temperature analysis and video provide real-time monitoring capabilities.

Control Room

  • The control room houses critical hardware and needs to be monitored around-the-clock.


  • The switchgear contains numerous circuit breakers which need to be protected from trespassers and destruction,and housed in a suitable environment.


  • Video surveillance placed at the substation entrance provides efficient user and vehicle management capabilities.
Solution Details

System Structure

Success Stories
  • Kenya Power

    Kenya Power

    Dahua provided a remote video surveillance system for a 220kV and 66kV power grid in Nairobi, Kenya to

  • China Southern Power Grid

    China Southern Power Grid

    Dahua is responsible for the access and management of about 50,000 cameras on China southern power grid substations.

  • State Grid Corporation of China

    State Grid Corporation of China

    Dahua began construction on the power grid remote surveillance system in the year 2000 and has made several