Storage Node



24-HDD Cloud Storage Node
> Intel IvyBridge processor
> Asymmetric distributed clustering architecture
> Built-in dedicated cloud storage opearating system
> Store video stream without intermediate processing
> 24 HDDs, SATA/SAS, hot-swap
> Device-level fault tolerance
> Load balancing based on HDD capacity and performance
> Modular & Cableless design
> Redundant power supply


System Architecture

Asymmetric distributed architecture

Number of nodes

2 to 160

Form Factor

4U rack server


Inter IvyBridge 4 cores

Data Disk Type

2.5-inch/3.5-inch SATA and SAS enterprise HDD


Number of Disks


Storage Network type

8 x 1 GE, load balancing

Other interfaces

1 x USB3.0, 1 x eSATA, 2 x SAS, 1 x RS232, 1 x RS485, 1 x 1GE management interface

System Architecture

Cluster Architecture

Distributed objective storage architecture

Distributed Storage

Erasure coding technology, data is segmented and saved in multiple storage nodes

Data Protection Level

Dynamic N+M mode: 1+1, 4+1, 8+2, 12+3, 16+4, data is still usable after M storage nodes fail

File System

File System

Dahua EFS distributed file system

Data Type

Video, image and document

File-level Access

Global namespace, fIle can be accessed by 3rd party application directly

Load Balancing

Load balancing based on capacity and performance of each node

Data Recovery

Valid data recovery instead of entire disk recovery


Storage Expansion

Scale-out technology, online expansion, with less than 60 seconds for expansion of a single node

Quota Management

Data quota management based on users, user groups and directories, allocation of capacity on demand

Performance Index

Read/write Performance

Sequence read/write: 4 GB/s

80% read, 20% write: 3.5GB/s

20% read, 80% write: 3.5GB/s

50% read, 50% write: 4GB/s

Data Recovery Speed

2 TB/h

Stream Processing Performance

Number of video channel: 2000/node

Storage bandwidth: 700Mbps/node

Fowarding bandwidth: 700Mbps/node

System Management


One-click system initialization

Condition Monitoring

Real time health status monitoring including processor usage, memory usage, disk capacity, etc.

Alert By Email

Alarm notification of system exception by email

Disk replacement

batch replacement of bad disks, avoiding the work for immediate replacement once a single disk fails


Open Interface

POSIX, RESTful API, NFS/CIFS protocol, Dahua SDK


Power Supply

AC100 ~240V, 47~63Hz, Redundant power, Hot-swappable

Power Consumption

<400W (include HDD)


Operating Conditions

-0°C ~ +40°C / Less than 80% RH

Strorage Conditions

-20°C ~ +70°C / Less than 90% RH

Ingress Protection


Vandal Resistance



Rack support

19-inch rack-mounted







EN 55032, EN55024, EN50130-4, EN61000-3, IEC61000-4


Part 15 Subpart B and ICES 003 Issue6

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Datasheet 2017-05-08 DHI-CSS7124S-ERD_Datasheet English PDF pdf
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User Manual 2017-05-08 Cloud Storage Platform User's Manual V1.0 English PDF pdf
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Class Date Title Language Type Download
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