Together with Dell, Dahua serves global customers with Video+

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HANGZHOU, China /December 20, 2016 — On December 14th, 2016, a media communication conference was held in China National Convention Center, to announce the cooperation between Dahua and DELL in building smart security system. As a highlight of DELL Tech Summit 2016, Mr. Zhang Jianjun, VP, General Manager of Dahua Domestic Marketing Center, together with Mr. Wu Hailiang, VP of Strategy and Business Development DELL Greater China, went through the Q&A session with the media. They released some information about their cooperation in security area and its status. Dahua and DELL will fully exert their own advantages and grasp the exceptional opportunity, to promote the overall form of Dahua Video+ strategy and DELL “4.0” strategy. More than a dozen professional media attended the conference, including Xinhuanet (a major central news service-oriented website sponsored by Xinhua News Agency) and China News Service.

Q&A with the media

DELL, a world leading IT Solution provider that owns top-notch virtualization technology, big data storage solution and server-based products &solutions, is in the leading position among more than 20 technology dimensions defined by Gartner In 2016, DELL spent 67 billion US dollars on EMC –completing the biggest merger in technological circle so far. Now, DELL is the biggest de-listed tech company in the world with a sizable revenue of USD 74 billion, running 7 sub-brands including DELL, EMC, VMware and so on. Mr. Wu Hailiang said that, following the global trend of “digital transformation”, DELL and Dahua’s strategic cooperation is a powerful combination that meets the mutual needs of the two companies, ensuring their positions in domestic smart security market while expanding overseas.

Mr. Wu Hailiang presenting his viewpoint on behalf of DELL

Mr. Zhang Jianjun made a keynote speech titled “Serving Video+ to customers globally in partnership with DELL”. Mr. Zhang mentioned that the security industry is upgrading to a new era of video+. Based upon video-centric IOT information service, the era of video+ is featured with multi-dimensional senses and applications. This requires the smart security systems to super impose the multi-dimensional IOT sensing technologies (including spatial, environmental energy information, biological signs, deep speech recognition and so on), and deliver higher video data application value, to support broader range of business applications (including “Data Brain” in smart city solution, city traffic situation analysis, machine vision, big data based early warning &decision making and so on). To embrace the arrive of the new era, Dahua established resources consisting of semi-conductor chipsets, big data, artificial intelligence and advanced application, to put together data services that better meet our clients’ needs.

Mr. Zhang Jianjun giving a keynote speech about the era of Video+

Mr. Zhang Jianjun said that in order to realize the ability of “multi-dimensional sensing” to “multi-dimensional application”, Dahua has built our own cloud computing and big data technologies like vehicle cloud, face recognition cloud, vehicle/face big data analysis system and visual extraction system. He believed that with the deep involvement of DELL’s top-notch technologies like server, storage and virtualization, and the support of DELL’s standardized service net all over the world, Dahua could provide prompt and quality service to clients globally.

Dahua’s stand crowded with professionals

With focus on customer orientation, innovation and quality, Dahua is steadily gaining reputation in international market. Now with the deep involvement of DELL as its strategic ally, Dahua is confident that in the new era of Video+, it will be able to provide more and more products and services to meet the demanding requirements of different customers.