On Commercial Espionage Suspect Caught in Dahua

Times:2014-11-26 Browse:9661

HANGZHOU, China /November 26, 2014 — A commercial espionage suspect was caught at Dahua headquarter in Hangzhou, China on 19th November and was handed over to local police immediately. During the interrogation, the suspect confessed that he was instigated by Dahua’s major competitor in China to collect confidential commercial of Dahua Technology.

Multiple footage indicates that the suspect appears at Dahua's important premises more than once with a forged stuff card. Confidential commercial materials was found in the SD card of the spy camera glasses wore and used by the suspect.Besides, materials related to another Hangzhou-based company was also found in suspect's footages.

Dahua feels overwhelmly shocked and indignant about this disgraceful behavior and reserves the rights to take legal actions. As an innovative corporate, Dahua Technology advocates to build an open and fair competition environment in order to facilitate the industry growth in a healthy way.