Mayor of São Paulo, Mr. João Doria Visited Dahua

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HANGZHOU, China /July 26, 2017 On the hot afternoon of July 25th, 2017, Mr. João Doria, Mayor of São Paulo, visited Dahua with the distinguished delegation of São Paulo City Hall during his visit to China. Mr. Fu Liquan, Chairman of Dahua, hosted the reception with top management of Dahua Overseas Business Center.

The Delegation of São Paulo City Hall and Dahua Top Management

Mr. Fu Liquan warmly welcomed Mr. Doria. He presented Dahua’s accomplishment in Brazil especially in São Paulo, followed by Mr. Doria’s introduction of São Paulo. The two sides expressed mutual intention to future cooperation in building São Paulo into a smart city. Later, Mr. Fu Liquan accompanied the distinguished delegation to visit Dahua Exhibition Hall. Mr. Doria was amazed by Dahua Smart City Solution. When he was interviewed later by international and domestic media about his opinion on the opportunities of cooperation between the two countries, he said that new technologies are good for both countries. China is at the forefront of technological innovation and Brazil needs more technologies. They’re interested in working with companies that have rich Brazilian local experience and good service capabilities. They had started a conversation on the cooperation to construct urban security platform for São Paulo city.

Mr. João Doria, Mayor of São Paulo and Mr. Fu Liquan, Chairman of Dahua

Brazil is the biggest country in South America. Moreover, it is one of the most influential economic entity in global economy especially in Latin America. São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil, is developing at a speed it did not experience in years with twenty million of its citizens. Although the municipal government attaches great importance to public safeness, the enormous population often presents challenges to maintaining it.

Dahua has been serving customers in Brazil since 2007. In the past 10 years, Dahua Brazil achieved average yearly growth of over 40%. In 2016, Dahua Brazil had a market share far ahead of other brands. In 2015, Dahua Brazilian Subsidiary was established in the flourishing Paulista, São Paulo and now it has a team of around 30 people, providing sales, marketing and technical support.

Mr. João Doria and Mr. Fu Liquan in Media Interview

Mr. Doria is visiting China at the invitation of Shanghai Municipal Government to attract investments from overseas. Besides, Mr. Doria wants to learn from China in many fields. Mr. Doria highly recognized Dahua’s contribution to Brazil in terms of Dahua’s participation in numerous large-scale projects, such as 2016 Rio Summer Olympics as well as the Presidential Palace. He added that Smart City is not just to improve the safeness of São Paulo, it is more to enhance the happiness of people living in this city.

And Dahua is honored to be a part of it. To provide better and better solutions and services to local customers and users, With a mission of “Safer Society, Smarter Living”, Dahua will continue to focus on “Innovation, Quality, and Service”, as well as globalization, to serve partners and customers around the world.