Liquan Fu Embraces B20/G20 Summit with Great Proposition

Times:2016-09-14 Browse:2891

HANGZHOU, China /September 14, 2016 — G20 Leaders’ Summit is a premier forum for international economic cooperation held annually. B20, an engagement party of G20, is a significant platform for the international business community to participate in global economic governance and international economic and trade regulation. Mr. Liquan Fu, Chairman and CEO of Dahua Technology CO., Ltd., a leading advanced video surveillance solution provider ranked 2nd globally in 2015, was invited to participate in SME Development Taskforce and the summit of B20 as a key industry representative.

Having been expanding overseas since 2008, Mr. Liquan Fu wants to reshape the context of “Made in China”. He wants to provide better and better service to Dahua’s clients globally.

“What need to be continuously shown to the world are Dahua’s technical engineering capabilities, quality control and post-sales service system, to change the inherent perception people have on “Made in China”. Sufficient local logistics base overseas must be built to level up DAHUA’s global supply capacity, and the only way is to put in enormous upfront investment – but it’ll be all worth it now that our clients can enjoy even better service from us. Respecting local laws and regulations is also very important. You don’t want to leave anything for your local clients to worry about, do you? ”

Mr. Liquan Fu is a man of wisdom, profession and experience. Started his career as an R&D guy many years ago, he knows the importance of the technical innovation to Dahua’s future. For the 15 years he has run the company, he never for once thought about compromising on R&D investment. Since Dahua’s invention of the video-audio-synchronize embedded DVR in 2002, the innovation continued. Cloud Storage & Cloud Computing, Secutech Excellence Award, Protector Award, REDDOT Award and iF Award, even after Dahua became an active industry standard maker, Mr. Liquan Fu keeps investing around 10% of Dahua’s yearly sales revenue in R&D.

“Hi-definition, network and intelligence are 3 major trends for global video surveillance industry,” says Mr. Liquan Fu, “with Dahua’s continuous innovation, we are looking forward to better supporting the future world peace and economic development.”

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, industry leader…many titles that he has, Mr. Liquan Fu is more importantly the founder of Dahua. 15 years ago he started Dahua with his dream of becoming able to better secure people’s life. And with 7 years’ continuous efforts to capture most of the growth opportunities, Dahua went public in 2008. Since then Dahua started expanding overseas, and becoming the major vendor for the video surveillance project of Rio 2016 Olympics facilities might be a small proof of its success overseas.