From “Made in Zhejiang” to the new “Made in China”

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HANGZHOU, China /December 13, 2016 —The 2016 World Internet Conference • Wuzhen Summit was held in Wuzhen City, Zhejiang Province, from 16th to 18th of November. Big shots of the global internet industry such as Jack Ma, Chairman of Alibaba Group, attended the conference. Meanwhile, just a bit short of 200km away, in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, Made-in-Zhejiang Standard Release Conference was going on.

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. is the first Made-in-Zhejiang certified company in the security industry that has won international recognition. It is also the Chief Editor of the IPC Camera Standard in this certification program. Dahua was invited to attend the conference and observe the release of 100 Made-in-Zhejiang Standards from Brand Construction Promotion Association for Zhejiang Made in Zhejiang Province.

Made-in-Zhejiang standard system drive improvements in 2 different dimensions to help participating companies to achieve “First class in China and Advanced in the world”. It adopts “A+B” Model. Standard A sets the standards for “Good Enterprise”, by demanding companies to abide by the management requirement of “Quality Excellence, Innovation Independence, Industry Coordination and Social Responsibility”. Standard B sets the standards for “Good Product”. It illustrates the technical requirement for “Made in Zhejiang” customized products. Only the products that meet both A &B standards can be certified by the Made-in-Zhejiang Association as “Made in Zhejiang” products.

Vice President of Dahua, Mr. Yan Gang was interviewed after the conference. Mr. Yan Gang said that first class companies set their own standards ahead of the industry. Dahua established a specialized Standard Management Committee to plan in entirety its own standardized management system. Dahua will continue to participate in the drafting of the Made-in-Zhejiang Standard next year. Mr. Yan Gang mentioned that Made in Zhejiang shall be the forerunner of Made in China. Dahua, a first-batch pilot enterprise of Made-in-Zhejiang, will continuously upgrade its craftsmanship; keep investing into R&D, and deliver products, solutions and services of world-class quality.

In Rio 2016 Olympic, security level was largely enhanced with Dahua Megapixel IP Solution with advanced intelligent features such as big data and face recognition. During G20 Hangzhou Summit, all core security areas were safeguarded 24/7 by Dahua Safe City Solution, to guarantee the world highest security level. Dahua is steadily gaining strength and good reputation in international market.

Dahua is doing what it can to further promote the national economic strategy of system reform on the supply side. In overseas market, “Made in China” needs to change the inherent perception people have on it. Innovation brings stronger international competitiveness, and quality brings good reputation. Featuring both characteristics, “Made in Zhejiang” will become the symbol and the role model of the new “Made in China”.