Dahua Technology Attends 10th ONVIF Developer's Plugfest in Fukuoka

Times:2014-03-10 Browse:7424

HANGZHOU, China /March 10, 2014—Dahua Technology, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China attended the 10th ONVIF Developer’s Plugfest in Fukuoka.

The Plugfest consists of two parts, peer to peer testing and user scenario testing, not only allowing manufacturers to inter-test separately, but also providing a chance to simulate a real operation environment for testers, for example, multiple brand devices operating at the same time.

Being a full member of ONVIF, Dahua Technology carried out tests as a device provider for both device and client under Profile S and Profile G. During the three-day testing, there are over 5 client venders and 15 server providers inter-testing with Dahua, including Axis, Canon, Exacq, Pelco, Samsung and etc. The testing result shows that both Dahua client and server conform to the ONVIF Network Interface Specification Set, version 2.4.1; and its front-end and storage devices could support recording search/control, replay and many other functions under Profile G; and start to support new features such as video analytics, OSD in addition to basic ones such as video, PTZ, event and alike.

“Dahua attaches great importance to interoperability and this is our third time attending the event,” said James Wang, Overseas Product Director at Dahua Technology. “We see ONVIF developer’s plugfest not only a single event to spot out issues of compatibilities, but also an opportunity to keep ourselves posted with the latest industrial trends.”

“Among the testers, some are already our partners, and some may will be one. Dahua will hold an open mind and take more initiatives to bring value-added benefits for our customers as well as accelerate the industry development,” Wang continued.