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HANGZHOU, China /May 4, 2016 – Dahua Technology, the leading provider of video surveillance products and services, today announced it was awarded ‘Best Manufacturer’ in the 2016 Mexican Excellence Awards at Expo Seguridad Mexico (ESM), a distinction that honors the most outstanding companies in the security sector. The award is granted based on the quality of products and solutions, as well as the investment in resources to provide better service.

Presentedat a gala dinner recently held during ESM, as part the summit of activities at Security Expo 2016, award nominees were divided into four categories: Best Integrative Company, Best Distribution Company, Best Manufacturer and the Social Responsibility Award.

“We’re honored to be recognized by the Mexican Excellence Awards. This is a significant distinction and we’re pleased to be ranked among the top five companies in the distribution channel, and competing with other renowned names in the industry,” said William Zhou, Sales Director of Latin America.

The award is a great source of price and the result of hard work and devotion dedicated to the development of the Mexico,” said Zhou.“We appreciate the nod of approval and the trust that our customers have placed in the Dahua name.”

A world-recognized brand, Dahua Technology for more than six years has been operating in Mexico, which has served as the company linchpin in Latin America. A local team of professionals and trained experts to provide technical and commercial support of the products and personalized attention. Dahua Technology has been nominated for the ESM Mexican Excellence Awards several times, but 2016 represents its first win.