Dahua Releases Eco-Savvy 1.3-Mp to 3-Mp Network Cameras

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HANGZHOU, China /August 28, 2013 — Dahua Technology releases Eco-Savvy network camera series — DH-IPC-5000/4000-series — offering 1.3-Mp, 2-Mp as well as 3-Mp with diverse designs and sizes. The series features low consumption and low streaming, making this product a stand-out in power efficiency.

Featuring new Ambarella chipset and in-house ISP technology, this new series cameras manage to encode @1080p with bitrate 2M and @720p with 1M, which is 75% saving of networking bandwidth and storage compared with the existing ones. In addition, the new chip features better design on power control, consuming 50% less than the previous generation cameras, allowing longer product longevity.

Test 1 Low-streaming
Figure 1 Comparison

720p@ 4M(conventional)                     720p@ 1M(Eco-Savvy series)

The Eco-Savvy series provides crystal clear images with better color reproduction and render better solutions on the detail presenting, motion deblurring and superb night visual effect. (The following test photos are based on the performance of 2Mp HFW4200S camera)

Test 2 Image Quality
Figure 2 Superb Color Reproduction    Figure 3 Motion Deblur - Vehicle Moving

Figure 4 WDR Test-On VS. Off

Meanwhile, coupled with the 3D-NR technology, which helps to eliminate image noise in low-light conditions without creating ghosting and blurring; Dahua's patented Smart IR technology makes night visual effect even better.

Figure 5 Ultra Low-light Effect

Figure 6 Smart IR Test- On V.S. Off (tested with 1.3Mp camera model)

In addition, with refined software, the system is more stable and efficient with stronger networking connectivity. It supports maximum 20-user visits and 6-user@ 1080p preview simultaneously. It ensures no packet loss up to 100-meter networking transmission. Besides, dual storage backup ensures system stability.
The first wave release includes 5000-series (Pro-series) and 4000- series (Smart-series) with 12 models included, please go to http://www.dahuasecurity.com/products_category/eco-savvy-289.html for more details.