Dahua recognized in China Good Design Award

Times:2016-11-18 Browse:5928

HANGZHOU, China /November 18, 2016  Great News for Dahua, who have 5 winners in China Good Design Award 2016.

China Good Design Certificates

China Good Design, often referred to as CGD as well as the “Chinese Red Dot”, is a brand new international design award initiated by the organizer of Red Dot Award for China market. It has become a major state-level honor in terms of industrial design in China. Dahua’s star product, “My eyes” industrial camera, is recognized as the Gold Winner of CGD 2016, and at the same time “Seriaitions”multi-lens panoramic camera family, video conference system, indoor eccentric camera and serial 9 intelligent electronic door lock are also recognized as Winner of CGD 2016.

5 innovative products from Dahua stood out from 498 pieces of nominated products under the scrutiny of 12 international design masters. This is a strong recognition of Dahua’s industrial design capability and craftsmanship. Dahua’s business growth is well supported by strong innovation and high quality craftsmanship.

Dahua “My Eyes” Industrial Camera

Dahua’s attention to details is demonstrated in every products, especially in “My Eyes”industrial camera. Small but sophisticated, high speed transmission, immunity to interference, these cameras are capable of delivering sustained stable HD image. “My Eyes”industrial camera is widely used for products testing, medical and science, electronic semi-conductor, textile & printing, food, chemical and other industrial applications.

Dahua Multi-Lens Panoramic Camera Family

Customer needs are the driver to Dahua’s technology and product innovation. We start with deep understanding of customer’s business problems and what it means by resolving them. The award-winning multi-lens panoramic camera, video conference system, indoor eccentric cameras, are all developed according to the actual needs of the market.

Dahua Serial 9 Intelligent Door Lock

Dahua’s products, from visual impact to use experience, fit very well with the literal meaning of Good Design. They have esthetical design, solid material and fine finishing as well as rich functionality and use experience. Dahua Serial 9 intelligent door lock, classic product of continuous innovation, quickly liked by many customers with its unique and fashionable mirror design.