Dahua "video +"stand out at 2016 China Top 100 Intelligent System Integrator Forum

Times:2016-10-27 Author:Dahua "video +"stand out at 2016 China Top 100 Intelligent System Integrator Forum Browse:5887
HANGZHOU, China /September 26, 2015 — Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd., a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China was awarded“top ten security brands in China” .

The 13th "2016 China Top 100 Intelligent System Integrator Forum" was held in Beijing Landmark Tower hotel on October 24. Meanwhile, “a&s China top ten security brands” were announced. Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. and its consumer product line LeChange were recognized as the “top ten security brands in China”.

During the Forum, Jianjun Zhang, VP and General Manager of Dahua Domestic Business presented Dahua’s vision of video technology.

"Video+", introduced by Mr. Zhang, means security industry is migrating to a new era of having big data processing and artificial intelligence in everyday video surveillance. He described the new age of security industry as "video+" age which has the core content of “video information service", namely "video with multidimensional awareness" and "video with multidimensional application". "Video with multidimensional awareness" includes spatial information, rotor information, voice recognition and biometrics identification, etc.; "video with multidimensional application" aims to support broader range of business application such as smart city, intelligent transportation, machine vision, alarm and decision-making, etc.  Dahua created a four layers technology architecture to implement Video+: semiconductor chipset, big data, artificial intelligence and advanced application. Through this new architecture, Dahua can deploy faster and more  precise awareness of IOT (Internet of Things), vast channels of input and output, deep neural learning, intelligent data collision analysis and reliable data services.