Dahua Offers a New Pair of Network PTZ Dome - Eco-Savvy and Ultra Infrared Series

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HANGZHOU, China /September 2, 2013 — Dahua Technology releases two network PTZ dome series in order to sustain its cutting-edge technologies in high-end product category.

Eco-Savvy Series (6C/63S-series)
The Eco-Savvy series adopts Ambarella chipset, which realizes low consumption and low streaming — an indication of its Eco-friendly design. The series is 1.3-Mp that manages to encode @1080p with bitrate 2M and @720p with 1M, saving 75% of networking bandwidth and storage compared with the existing ones. In addition, the new chip features better design on power control, consuming 50% less than the previous generation cameras, allowing longer product longevity.
Figure 1: Low streaming

1838Kbps 1280 X 960

In addition to the above two “L”s, the series also features in “low light” effect. The adopted in-house block camera employs superb image sensors and advanced technologies. To be more specific, the all-in-one module has video, audio, alarm, network and SD card interfaces all embedded onto the block camera, which is of convenience for maintenance. What’s more, the dome lens is of 4.5mm~90mm and 20x optical zoom, rendering a wide-angle scenario capturing and a clear close-up view.
Figure 2: Low Light Effect
Color Mode (20x effect)                      B/W Mode (20x effect)

Other than its high image quality, the new PTZ camera provides a wide pan and tilt range, 0°~360°horizontally and -15°~90°vertically, delivering broad images of each scene and a complete picture of ongoing events. Moreover, the domes support 255 presets setup and the go-to speed of pan is 300°/s and tilt 200°/s.

Ultra Infrared Series (IR 6A-series)
This series is the refined model of Dahua high-end 69-series domes, offering 1.3-Mp and 2-Mp and better functions, such as defog, ultra DNR, stronger waterproof and longer effective IR LED distance up to 150 meters.
Figure 3 Defog On VS. Defog Off

Figure 4: Ingress Protection — 98% Light transmittance after water test
Water drops will not stain on the lens to ensure a clear and transparent view.
During the test                                                        After the test

Moreover, the Ultra infrared dome series adopts a new mechanism structure with dual-aluminum housing and refined heat-sink design, providing a wide temperature ranging from -40°C to 70°C, sustaining quite severe climate and weather all over the places.