Dahua New Back-end ANPR Software Expands ANPR Solution with Quality and Reliability

Times:2016-11-02 Author:Dahua New Back-end ANPR Software Expands ANPR Solution with Quality and Reliability Browse:5259
HANGZHOU, China /October 9, 2016 — Dahua Technology, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China introduces DHI-IVS-T7000-R-PRO, a back-end ANPR software.

DHI-IVS-T7000-R-PRO is an advanced digital image processing software. When being installed in a specific server, it can automatically recognize vehicle license plate’s number and other related information using the technology of license plate position tracking, character segmentation, and character recognition.

Compared with front-end ANPR system, server installed in DHI-IVS-T7000-R-PRO can recognize over 100 countries’ license plate with higher accuracy and shorter processing time.

The back-end ANPR software delivers a complete ANPR Solution when installed in a specific server and combined with Dahua front-end ITC and decision support system (DSS). Upon receiving images from front-end cameras, DHI-IVS-T7000-R-PRO does recognition and displays the recognition result in DSS client. Dahua ANPR solution combines intelligence, efficiency, and ease-of-use into modern video surveillance, and provides maximum security efficiency for operation. Therefore, it is ideal for high volume ANPR applications such as traffic surveillance, car parking and entrance & exit license plate recognition.

Expanding Customer Choice
The global video surveillance market continues to move towards smart, scalable, and secure. In addition to camera embedded ANPR solution, Dahua is now offering more choices to customer with this release of DHI-IVS-T7000-R-PRO. This release is particularly exciting for Dahua because it expands the scale and efficiency of ANPR solution to a higher level.

Technical Features
● One core recognition software
● Support to recognize 1080P picture
  Data recognized from each image includes:
  √Number of License plates  (up to 3 on the same image)
  √Country , License number, Timestamp, Camera ID
  √Position of the license plate(s) in the image
● Support over 100 countries

● High recognition efficiency