Dahua Meets Airport Professionals in Prague

Times:2013-11-07 Browse:5825

HANGZHOU, China /November 6, 2013 — Airport security 2013 was held in Prague, Czech Republic in September; Dahua Technology attended this conference and met more than a hundred of airport security experts around the world.

During the two-day-conference, new trends and up-to-date information for airport sector as well as valuable experience were actively exchanged; discussions and presentations were also made on the theme of airport security from different perspectives.

As an indispensible part in airport security, video surveillance helps to better guarantee the routine process management; make instant reactions towards emergencies; protect critical assets; and most of all, ensure the safety of passengers, crews as well as ground personnel. Therefore, a complete solution that includes both reliable products and integrated software which could analyze and helps to handle various occasions and urgencies is of great significance.

Dahua Technology, a world leading video surveillance solution provider, has been dedicated to security over a decade, offering a complete product portfolio that includes advanced series of front-end, back-end, display, in-house software and etc. In addition, with multiple successful cases accomplished worldwide, Dahua has accumulated valuable experience and being capable to provide tailored solutions for different needs.

“We take this conference as a wonderful platform to get the first-handed information on airport security,” Elmer Zhang, Sales Director for Europe at Dahua Technology noted. “We better understand the needs for the market so that we could refine both sales and product strategy to make it more market-orientated and demand-focused; meanwhile, through this conference, we can strengthen our brand awareness in different sector of areas.”