Dahua International Academy Starts from Poland

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HANGZHOU, China /June 12, 2017 Great news for Dahua customers in Central &Eastern Europe and Nordic, because Dahua Technology, a world leading manufacturer and supplier of intelligent security surveillance products and solutions, has established the first Dahua International Academy in Poland in May, 2017.

Dahua Poland Academy is the first international academy Dahua formed overseas for both internal and external trainings. This academy aims to provide comprehensive and systematic trainings to Dahua local employees and customers, allowing them to acquire deep understanding of Dahua products &solutions details, local storage &logistics capability, as well as access to technical support services in local market.

Courses held by Dahua Poland Academy

Dahua Poland Academy covers all the training programs in Central &Eastern Europe and Nordic regarding company information, sales &marketing strategy, channel policy, products &solutions and so on. So far, it has successfully held two sessions of external trainings, attended by customers from countries such as Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Norway and Sweden. A training to a group of 16 people from Finland highlighted the initial stage of this academy. These two trainings enabled the attendees to get in-depth understanding of Dahua Poland’s storage and logistics capabilities to cover the whole Central &Eastern Europe and Nordic. In the meantime, customers’ knowledge of Dahua products and solutions, such as CCTV, smart building, Safe City, Transmission& Display & Control, was consolidated.

The Finnish Group of 16 People Dahua Customers during Training

Dahua Poland Academy is scheduled to hold one training every month. Customers and employees from Central &Eastern Europe and Nordic are welcome to register for attendance. In future, we will constantly adjust the courses to better deliver the targeted information to the attendees, which, mostly are Dahua customers. Here are some of the comments from customers who have participated in the first two sessions.

Some Comments from Dahua Customers

Dahua International Academy is not only a way of showcasing Dahua leadership in global security surveillance industry, it serves the purposes of enhancing customer adhesiveness and further promote localization progress in Central &Eastern Europe and Nordic. Customers in Central &Eastern Europe and Nordic highly recognized Dahua Poland Academy, and expressed their gratitude to the strong support from it. With a mission to build a Safer Society and promote Smarter Living, Dahua will continue to focus on “Innovation, Quality and Service” to serve partners and customers all around the world.