Dahua HDCVI Academy - A Gateway for Partnership and Information

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HANGZHOU, China /December 12, 2013 — Dahua HDCVI Academy, a microsite of Dahua official website, is online. HDCVI Academy is an ideal gateway to get access to more HDCVI information, providing an open platform for propagation and opinion exchanges on HDCVI technology and information related.

The website provides the latest information on HDCVI, including technical updates, product information, open forum discussion and etc. in order to educate the market that HDCVI solution could be beneficial in a long run, offering convenience and great potential for HDCVI.

“We are open to work with security professionals, promoting HDCVI technology around the globe through the joint efforts and allowing more suppliers, installers, system integrators, even end-users to better understand the benefits out of it,” said Tim Shen, Marketing Director at Dahua Technology. “HDCVI Academy is designed to be an ideal portal for our partners. Knowledge from product, chipset, technology, installation to application is all included, allowing our partner to have extensive and profound information of HDCVI.”

At HDCVI Academy, registered users are available to download HDCVI documents and tools, such as white paper, SDK, testing reports, brochure and even the access to online forum. HDCVI Academy is committed to offering the education functionality to the market for a new era of HD.

Please visit HDCVI Academy: http://www.dahuasecurity.com/hdcvi/ for more information.
HDCVI is short for High Definition Composite Video Interface technology, featuring over-coaxial-cable analog HD video transmission, allowing reliable long-distance HD transmission at lower cost. The highlights of HDCVI are the followings:

a.New and Easy solution to HD (1080p & 720p) in conventional analog way.

b.Long-distant Transmission ( 500 meters by using 75-3 cable transmission)

c.No latency for an outstanding real-time performance and maintains the original image quality

d.3 Signals (video, audio and control) over 1 cable transmission.