Dahua Full Range of Smart Thermal Network Camera Integrates with Milestone XProtect VMS

Times:2016-07-11 Browse:13614

HANGZHOU, China /July 11, 2016 — Dahua Technology, a world-leading video surveillance solution provider headquartered in Hangzhou, China announced that all range of new smart thermal network camera are integrated with the Milestone XProtect Video Management Software.

All Dahua smart thermal network camera series adopted top-notch sensor that makes them capable of detecting tiny differences in temperature, achieving higher detection accuracy and operating in complete darkness and adverse weather conditions. Meanwhile, the cameras combined intelligence, efficiency and high performance such as smart detection, smart analysis, smart perception, smart tracking and smart control. The thermal network cameras which can integrate with Milestone XProtect Video Management Software include thermal hybrid PTZ camera, hybrid speed dome camera, thermal bullet camera and thermal dome camera.

Presently, Milestone is already compatible with Dahua full range products of IPC, PTZ and HCVR as well as part of NVR. Furthermore, Dahua plans to devote itself to being compatible with Milestone XProtect Video Management Software for its increasing products and deeper integration in the near future.