Dahua Embraced a Delegation from Tadzhikistan

Times:2017-04-25 Author:Dahua Embraced a Delegation from Tadzhikistan Browse:4321
HANGZHOU, China /April 25, 2017 On the morning of April, 21th, 2017, a delegation from Tadzhikistan visited Dahua headquarter in Hangzhou, China, to have a closer look at one of the most well-run companies in this country and seek opportunities of cooperation.

The Delegation consists of key members of People's Democratic Party of Tadzhikistan. The leader is Mr. Saidmurod Fattohzoda, vice-chairman of the People's Democratic Party of Tadzhikistan, and he is accompanied by Mr. Abdurahmon Khonov, Director of the Executive Committee Office, People’s Democratic Party of Tadzhikistan, Mr. Ahmadrafik Khamidov, minister of the International Department, Executive Committee Office, People's Democratic Party of Tadzhikistan, and Mr. Bakhtiyor Hamdamov, Editor in Chief, Public and Political Newspaper (Минбари халк). Ms. Cui Lizhi, Counsellor of International Department, Central Committee of CPC also participated in visiting Dahua headquarter.

Arranged by International Department, Central Committee of CPC, this delegation was visiting China to promote bilateral relations as well as obtain experience from the rapidly growing Chinese companies. During this trip to Hangzhou, they planned to have in-depth visit to only two companies, Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. As a leading security solution provider in global security industry, Dahua stands for a typical Chinese company that has successfully gone global. Having more than 30 subsidiaries and growing number of service stations in international market, Dahua determines to better serve its customers globally.

Ms. Jin Fanglei, Deputy Director of Dahua International Relations and Project Development Department, hosted the reception. Ms. Jin warmly welcomed the delegation led by Mr. Saidmurod Fattohzoda, and accompanied them to a detailed visit to Dahua showroom. The distinguished visitors were very much impressed by Dahua's comprehensive end-to-end solutions to serve different industries, and its cutting edge technologies such as AI and IoT. Dahua’s core value of technological innovation, quality and service changed the inherent perception they have on "Made in China".

The delegation's visit to Dahua is well in line with Dahua core value of Openness -- its pursuit of an open and connected network to drive the establishment of security industry eco system. Dahua will continue the investment in international market to build a stronger overseas organization with extensive coverage and resources to support customers locally. Innovation, Quality and Service are the key to its future!