Dahua Advances to the 9th Place in 2013 as Security 50 Ranking

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HANGZHOU, China /November 18, 2013 — In the latest 2013 a&s Security 50 ranking 9th place, Dahua Technology moves one place forward

to the 9th. According to a&s Security 50 report, Dahua sustained double-digit revenue growth in 2012 despite the uncertain global market. Dahua has achieved 60% growth in 2012 which is the highest in Asia-based companies and the third highest among all on the list.

The company will continue to invest in R&D and provide the right solution and products to end-users. “We see a great demand not only in high definition but also from different vertical markets,” said Tim Shen, Marketing Director of Dahua Technology. “The company will continue to provide HD, intelligent and solution-based products to stay ahead in the industry. For example, the latest in-house technology — High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) is the answer that we provide to the market, giving the conventional analog a new way to HD.”
Fu Liquan, President of Dahua Technology, pointed out that Dahua would complete product portfolios from high-end, middle-end to entry-level, and continue to focus on innovation. “Our long-term and ultimate goal is to provide the world-leading product in the industry and our total solution will focus on ease-of-use, allowing our customers to maximize the best user’s experience at a more than affordable cost. Meanwhile, how to penetrate the entry-level sector with competitive C/P ratio products is the key ahead,” Fu added.