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Technical Support Engineer

【Job Description】
(1)Introduce new product features to the Channel Customer, help customer to select and configure products.
(2)Respond to customers, to help solve technical problems
(3)Training technical staff of Channel Customer’s, helps them improve the level of technology;
(4)Understand and consolidate customer demand for products, feedback to product department for product improvement;
(5)Cooperate with sales staff, analysis of the practical needs of customers, provide a complete project plan;
(6)To complete the project, the bidding work, to help customers make the tender documents, make project tender, according to the required standard;
(7)Assist sales to determine phase of the operation of the project to understand the real project status, forecast project risk and seek the solution;
(8)To coordinate resources, provide technical support;
(9)Integrators to maintain good relationship with a third party, in engineering can recommend each other, mutual benefit and win-win progress;
(10)Cooperate with the Marketing, for Dahua, propaganda Dahua technology and concept to the customer, the spirit Dahua products, help customers to better understand Dahua market, at the same time get more feedback from the market.
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【Job Requirements】
(1)CCTV,IT background,Network, communications, computers or other related fields;
(2)Familiar with OFFICE software, know sniffers, NCOM caught, such as commonly used network serial port caught tools;
(3)More than 3 years’ related experience.
(4)Indonesia as native language
(5)Fluent English both in reading, writing and speaking
【Job Snapshot】  
Employment Type: Full time
Job Type: Engineer
Education: Bachelor’s degree
Experience: More than 3 years related experience
Industry: CCTV,IT background,Network, communications, computers or other related fields;
Base location:Djakarta
Required Travel: Possibility