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Channel Sales Engineer

The talented Channel Sales Engineer we seek will lead the development and execution of the sales strategy for the Traditional and Emerging Markets Plumbing Channels. You will provide leadership review for new and existing channel profitability and marketing programs. Set marketing direction and execute marketing initiatives in support of the plumbing products' categories. Create and execute marketing programs that increase revenue for plumbing channels. Responsible for the development and management of sizeable marketing communication budget plus channel budget

Job Description

1. Channel strategy management

a. To develop channel strategy, channel service support;

b. Supervise and inspect the channel strategy implementation, and according to the need for strategic adjustment;

c. The related dynamic monitoring competitors and industry trends.

2. Channel relationship management and maintenance

a. The channels to provide sales and technical support resources, products, etc.;

b. Timely communication with customers, feedback market information, and put forward opinions and suggestions;

c. The joint operations with channels for customers, to promote product sales;

d. Always keep a variety of ways of communication with customers and maintain the regional important customers.

3. Channel relationship development

a. According to the marketing plan and implement sales and marketing plan;

b. Actively looking for new channel cooperation targets, and carries on the qualification and analysis;

c. Develop channels to communicate with customers, making cooperation plan.

4. Sales orders to complete

a. Convey the company's products to the customer information, sales policy;

b. Actively strive for the customer order, achieve sales target;

c. The organization and participation of the agent business negotiations.

5. Brand promotion

a. Planning and brand promotion activities, improve the company's brand influence.

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