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Project Sales Engineer

This position is primarily responsible for establish and maintain relations with customers, analyzing and satisfy customers’ demand, create and collect market demand for products,maintain project pipeline. To promote the company’s brand. At the same time, understand competitors’ status, develop new markets

Job Description

1. The establishment and maintenance of customer relationships

a. Collect customer information on the market, build customer file.

b. Maintenance of key customers.

c. Investigation, tracking and analysis of customer needs, provide customer service in a timely and effective manner

d. Organizations do a good job in customer information feedback and transfer to properly handle the customer's opinions and Suggestions

2. Project operation

a. The customer needs and market information collection, analysis, feedback and tracking, to dig and capture market opportunities.

b. Project planning and promoting;

c. Work with project team members, promote the project progress; According to the project, coordinate internal support resources;

d. Responsible for organize and arrange sales contract bidding, a signed and executed, cash collection process;

3. Brand promotion

a. The organization planning and brand promotion activities, improve the Dahua brand visibility and reputation

b. Expand the sales network, within their jurisdiction areas in familiar with the market characteristics and marketing characteristics of the region, with customers to establish long-term, stable relations of cooperation, and constantly expand the Dahua brand influence;

4. Market control

a. Understand competitors’ sales activities and status.

b. Identify potential customers and explore new business opportunities, develop new markets.

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Job Requirements

location: responsible for Jeddah (and the western region) market sales of the project

Education: Marketing, electronic engineering, computer science, network communication

Skills:Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, self-motivated; Understand security, image processing, computer networks, sales, solution, etc.

Experience: More than 3 years’ experience in related industry.

Fluent English both in reading, writing and speaking